Friday, May 16, 2008

Just Wake Up!!

My summer plans seem to be shaping up already. I'm going to South Carolina with the fam next month, almost begrudgingly. I'm going to Chicago for the July 4th weekend and I'm going to a wedding with Jake in August. Not to mention I've already committed to going to Six Flags, Splish Splash, and DC.

Its going to be so much fun.

I got rid of my sidekick and am now in the land of Blackberry Curve. For some reason, I can't mobile blog from it.....hmmmmm. So....I'm making due.

My promotion is working well...I guess. No one listens to me and when they do, its only to repeat what I say as if they thought of it. I'm leaving early to stay late and I'm working hard and dare I say it....I like it.

They want to give me a Blackberry for there and I'm not so thrilled about it. I like to leave work at work but......we'll see. Plus it means I'll be more accountable and who really wants that?


I spent the night with BFF(do u think I shouldve given her a name? Hmmm... I figured I have a lot of friends and it would be easier to have her as BFF). Anywho! Why the hell does she have this system in place:

She has to get up at 8am.

The alarm rings at 7:15.

She hits snooze.

It rings at 7:30.

She hits snooze.

It rings at 7:45.

She hits snooze again.


She said it eases her into waking up.

I'm like just get up.

She said its not that simple.

But now that I think of it...that's how her parents used to wake her up for school every morning when we were younger. In my household, I was afraid to not get up on the first call of my name. My mom was not to be toyed with.

Plus, that whole snooze shit wears me out. By the time it was 8am, I just wanted to sleep uninterrupted. What do you guys think? On a hard-pressed morning, I give myself a pep talk out of bed but I can't hit snooze. What's your morning routine?


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u gonna eat good in sc

jirzygurl said...

sounds fun!! i am trying to go chicago july 4th weekend too. plane tix are serious though

Jane said...

I'm the same way...I hit snooze three times before I get up in the morning...I start around 6:45 and don't get up until 7:15...otherwise I'll be cranky and irritable.