Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Slow to Anger

LP has been talking major shit!

She told Gi that I may be attracted to Leroy because my dad died when I
was young and I may be looking for a father figure!


Firstly, my dad and I were close and I know no one can replace him.
Secondly, women who are like that have no fucking self-esteem. (Like her
*ahem*) it could be for other reasons beside him being older.
Thirdly, and it might be the most important part of all....she doesn't
know the situation! All she knows is his age. She doesn't know how we
met. She doesn't know his name or anything. How the fuck can you judge

I won't say I never judge people. We make our own little assessments.
It's normal. But..sheesh! I've never been so judged so harshly by a

When Gi told me, I was livid. Livid. My ears started getting hot and

I'm trying to take a deep breath, because as I write this, I'm getting
more and more upset.

Why? Because LP is 26 and she's been involved with some who is at least
40, if not older. So, it's fine because she's older than me. Give me a
mutheffin break.

I really want to let her have it. I know she would never say no shit
like that to my face. I'm typing extra hard on my sidekick and folks on
the train are looking at me..but I couldn't give a shit!

I just need to vent.

Today, I look too cute with purple make-up a faux-hawk, my silvery-pink
nails, and my outfit is on point. Bitches can't take. If you hear of a
fab chick was fighting in the street, its me if one more heffa looks me
up and down with stankface.

I am so serious.


(Blogfam...PLEASE tell me I'm overreacting)

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