Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Had a Dream...

Dreams I've had lately...
1. I was hiking in the desert and I saw a kangaroo. I climbed to the
height of the cliff and tried to touch it. It hissed at me and I fell
off the cliff into Afroman's waiting Land Rover and we rode along.

2. Afroman and I were rolling around in a golf cart and I was looking
for a jewelry box. I decided to get a baby cub. I took it home and it
turned on me and even though I left Afroman for another dude. Dude left
me but Afroman was there.

3. I dreamt that I had a pet pig and was trying to hold around like it
was aYorkie. It kept kicking me.
It was a cute pig tho.

4. Last night, I dreamt that I was Rihanna's assistant/stylist and I was
mad because I styled her perfectly but she wasn't acknowledging me. I
was like "Eff you, Rih, you're nothing without me."

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Eb the Celeb said...

interesting stuff... I regret the fact that I barely remember my dreams... its so weird... when I first wake up I remember it and literally within 5 minutes I have no idea what I dreamed about... it sucks because I have had some good ones and the poof its gone