Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yay for Consecutive Posts!

Yes...I'm patting myself on the back of a week of back to back posts!

Has it really been that eventful? Or am I just being more pensive? I
find myself typing away on my sidekick either every morning this week or
every evening. It works. I get my thoughts out. The world is happier.

Moving right along....

I need to be better with my finances. I'm really fucking up. I can't
live hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck and continue to do the
pageants, have a social life, and be a budding fashionista. I can't
stand being broke all the time anymore. I haven't figured out if its
because I need a second job or if I'm just mis-managing my money. It
might be both. My mom thinks I go out too much. She might be right.
(Yes! I said my mom might be right about something.)

I've already committed to going to Miami in June and to 2 more balls.
One this weekend and one next month.


That's that.

I just know I have to do better. I have to write out a budget and abide
by that and yes, say no when my friends who(the majority of) live at
home ask me to go out.

I'm not really missing out on anything...right?

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