Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good Fences...Part 4 - The Stand Up

He text(ed).

He called.

He wanted to see me again (yippee!).

Then...he worked a double-shift.

He went to sleep at 7am. Woke up and worked from 3pm -12am. And still
had ambitions of trying to see me.

I was jones-ing badly. I wanted him. His smooth skin, his kisses, his
soft bed. I wanted it. I raced home. I bathed.


12 am. No call. No text.


1 am. No call. No text.


I call at 1:30am. Pissed and horny.


I finally doze off but wake up occasionally to check my phone.


He calls me at 8:30am. Apologizing profusely.

I pout. I accept. I forget it (hmmm...) with the resolve to understand
he's tired. He worked his ass off and to have more self-respect...the
chocolate addiciton was SERIOUS.

We made plans for that night.

I went out to have a few cocktails with Gi and LP and Gi's dude. We'll
call him, ATL.

I was done after 2 drinks (yes...that is my M.O) I was not wobbly or
puke-y but giggly and that's a sure sign.

I rushed home, as much as rushing looks like in that state. I showered
and waited.

12 am call.

12:30 am .... shit!

I started cussing him out in my head.



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E said...

aw boooooo. i hope this aint the end. and i hope it ends [continues?] well. he better have had a damn good excuse.