Tuesday, April 22, 2008


My cable was turned off because I intentionally did not pay the bill...
I'm spoiled and I'm not worthy of the luxury.
I'm not doing anything with myself but watching stuff on tv.
I'm going to leave it off for about a month and use that time to force
myself into other endeavors, like paying my bills on time, getting to
the gym, and working on my novel which was supposed to have been
completed 2 months ago. I figure life would really suck if I can't sit
on my ass and watch tv all the time.

So, I'll be posting via sidekick. I can't post at work.

I can hardly construct a decent sentence, so pouring out a
stream-of-consciousness would really be difficult.

I went to many of the shops near my work and got a handful of
applications...before the summer employment rush hits. I expect to use
my 2nd job to a.save $$/b. fund my recent shoe addiction/c. fund my ball
addiction/d. buy cute bras.

We shall see.

I know I need to budget better and actually keep groceries in the house.
Now, all I have in my fridge is orange soda, mushrooms, butter, and
baking soda.

Tonight, while my internet is still functioning, I will be looking at my
credit report, e-mailing my resume around, and applying for certain jobs

Also, I'll begin to clean thoroughly and plan how I will decorate my
space. I have tons of shit in my closets and white walls everywhere.

Enough is enough. I keep talking about what I need to do. Its time to
put a fire under my ass. The time is now.

Its time I acted like the adult I should be.


jirzygurl said...

good luck with that! i'll be back to see how it goes...

Nina said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm gonna need all the luck I can get...oh Lawd!

E said...

good for u, miss. sounds like a good plan to me. i need to do the same. good luck from me too