Saturday, April 26, 2008

Exorcizing Mr. Phil

If you're not familiar...bone up on the Mr. Phil series.(LOOK TO THE RIGHT)I sat at work, trying to feel important, perusing my e-mail and I kept my G-mail open for a while. A window opens,



How you doing?

I'm good. At work..taking over for (insert supervisor's name).

Ok. What are you doing this weekend besides working?

Umm....nothing. I don't know. Are you in school?
(Did you notice the deliberate subject change)

Yes. I go to York.

What are you studying?

Business Law.

You like it?

Yes, they have an amazing program they guide you all the way through law school wah wah wah...Do you have a man?

I'm dating. What about you?

I have the same attitude about women.

Wow. I guess I always admired your honesty. You never made it out to be more than what it was. Women appreciate that. But, I guess I never understood the whole "not having time for a relationship" thing.

When a man says he doesn't have time for a relationship, it means he DOESN'T WANT a relationship.

True. Because if you wanted it you would make time. At least you didn't try to front when it came to me AND Gi.

Yes. I'm still very attracted to you. If you want, I'm not dating anyone right now, I'd like to have sex with you.

*blank stare*
I guess I'm flattered. I will have to say no. Gi is my friend and I couldn't do that.

Gi was never my girl. I messed with you before I messed with her.

Yes, and I never told her what went on with her. If I did, I could guarantee she wouldn't have slept with you.

I guess there's some type of principle girls have when it comes to that.

Yes, there is.

Well, I can respect that. Does that mean we can't get a drink some time.

No, it doesn't. As long as you know there are boundaries.

Well, I guess that means no because I would still try to violate those boundaries. I can't lie. I want to sleep with you. I never got the chance and I really want to.

*jaw on the floor*
Well, I guess it is what it is.

Nina, I've always admired your strength. I hope you accomplish
everything that you want in your life. Goodbye and good luck.



This negro did not just proposition me. No, he didn't expect me to hop into bed with him. No, he didn't dismiss me form his life just like that.Now that I'm writing this, I'm thinking about how much I wanted him once upon a time. We felt each other up with the cameras watching at work and did not care. He was so big and sexy. When he kissed my neck, shivers ran down my spine. He was so passionate.It's been a while! Jesus take the wheel! I hope I made the right decision.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

im gald he didnt say he had a man when u asked him that (i hope it was a him) lol

jirzygurl said...

you made the right decision!

neemie said...

you made the right decision. run fast. run far. run away.

Nina said...

@ Torrance...omg! me 2! ha!

Thanks guys for reassuring me. You know lust is a deadly sin for a reason.

Monie said...

You definitely made the right decision.