Monday, April 21, 2008

My Weekend

Friday was especially stressful.

I was supposed to get my check on Thursday, but of course, I work for
the most horrible place of employment ever! Checks were supposed to be
ready Friday morning. Then late Friday afternoon.
I was perched in the lobby at 12 noon with the most awful sister-girl
eff u pay me look. I so didn't care.

I called the HR guy like where's my money and he asked why I was
stressing him. Bet your bottom dollar that Nina marched her ass right
over to his office on some...get your shit together/we go through this
every 2 weeks/why can't we get paid on time/I got a train to catch ish.

Don't play on my time. The moment I fugg up people are quick to call me
incompetent but you can systematically pay the netire company whenever
you feel!

Nikka please!

Yes. I still feel some type of way.

Anywho...I rushed to the bank. Rushed to Baker's to get those shoes.
Rushed to thread my eyebrows. Rushed to Jersey to meet the crew to go to

I was too through!


To make a loong story short. I had a great time in DC. I wore my shoes.
I swear the men were drooling over ya girl. In a ball with a whole bunch
of gay men, I found a straight man who was all too happy to offer me
his seat, his hand, and it was a bit much. Women were in awe at my pain
threshold. My legs looked awesome and all was right with the world. By
the end of the night, which ended at 9am, I pretty much felt liike a
hooker in full makeup, a pencil skirt, and 5 in heels that early in the
morning. I wanted to amputate my feet and was certain that I couldn't
feel a couple of toes. But, I didn't care!

I was so flyy.

I am not a selfish person. But, I wanted to kick a bitch in the shin
becuase my brand- new baby oil gel, sidekick charger, liquid liner, and
gold hoops are missing. (!!!) I couldn't have survived in a household
full of women growing up.

I swear if I find the heffa who took it (which I already know who the
culprit is), I'm gonna cut her. Which I will anyway...on GP.

Sidenote: This chick just walked on the train in a hoodie, leather
jacket, scarf, stirrups and flats. Yes, I did look at her funny. Why?
Because I'm in a short-sleeved denim skirt and boots. And she looks plum
foolish. I know someone would question my taste..with my pink and purple
streaks and white nail polish, but at least I don't look borderline
homeless. At the very best, I look artistic/indie-chic.

Side sidenote: If you're going to have white nail polish, make sure you
wash your hands after applying your make-up. Your nails will betray you
every time.

I came away from the weekend on some extra grown woman tip. I'll
elaborate on that later but I really am ready to get my act together.

I feel really good right now. I slept like a dead person last night. I'm

More later...

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jirzygurl said...

oh. hell. no.
i would have to light someone on fire if they ain't pay me on time! torture!!