Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Case of the Magic Money Transfer

A week before my birthday (Feb 4), my brother asked me what I wanted for
my birthday. "A lightning bolt tattoo," I told him. He told me he would
buy it for me. That tattoo would cost about $80. The day of my birthday,
his phone was mysteriously off and I didn't get his money or my tattoo.

Three weeks later, I was in a bind. I had to pay my light/cable/phone
bills. Plus, my rent and gas. I was spent. Literally.

I asked him to help me out. That was on a Sunday. The main bill - the
light bill - was due on Tuesday. Monday, he would send it. Monday
turned to Wednesday. Wednesday turned to Thursday. Thursday turned to me
not speaking to him until Sunday.

He called me.


He asked, "Did you get your little $80."

Excuuuuuse me!

I told him that I didn't, naively expecting that this time would be
different. He told me that he was still in bed. He told me to call him
in a half-hour with a confirmation number.

I called and called, and for good measure called again.

I called one more time.
He picked up. Gave me a confirmation number. I spent my entire lunch
break getting to MoneyGram to pick up the money. I couldn't find an open
one on a Sunday.

I called MoneyGram. They gave me the confirmation number. They had
nothing on record for that code, nothing under his name, my name, or
either of our numbers.

I called him. Literally 20 times in a row. I was pissed. Beyond

I finally got him after calling his girlfriend like 3 times. I guess she
figured I wasn't going to blow up his phone like I was doing his.

He said that he went to WalMart to send the money. The girl put it
through but there was an error. He had to call MoneyGram to straighten
it out. That was the last I heard from him.

I'm upset with him, but more upset with myself for trusting in someone
who's never done anything to enhance my life at all. I should've known
that the money would never come. I thought that because we were
siblings, he would feel that he could tell me the truth.

The situation is just ugly. Still, it will get uglier. I plan on giving
him the tongue lashing of a lifetime.

Because sometimes, family can fuck you over more than strangers. In the
end, I've learned what I will and will not stand for.


thee modern isis said...

Good post.

I learned that lesson along time ago, it's bad when you have to watch your family as hard or harder then an enemy.

I hope everything works out for the best with you though.

Jane said...

family will sometimes stab you worst than a stranger. you gotta love him from a distance...hurts but sometimes it's best.