Monday, April 7, 2008

If I Ruled the Blog World

If I Ruled the Blog World - stolen from, Monie

Ok, here we go. If I ruled the blog world, here is how it would be:

1) Bloggers would not be allowed to have Media Players. I'm sorry...don't mean to offend, but they're a little annoying.

2) There would be a requirement to meet up for drinks at least once every 6 months in one central location that is in the middle of where everyone lives.

3) The Breaking Point and I would go on a date.

4) We would have sister-girl conferences the moment there is a dilemma. It would be very GoldenGirls-ish, complete with Sophia and cheesecake.

5) No one would abuse the you're vs. your, they're vs. their vs. there, and we're vs. were vs. where grammar rules.

6) We would be able to swap lives with the most glamorous of bloggers...just because or at least be a fly on the wall or fugg it, just wear their shoes.

7) There would be more of a selection of templates/options to be more creative...let's not relive the schizophrenic template ISSUES I've been having lately.

8) Blogs would create more understanding of the general human condition throughout all the land. There would be less racism/phobia of all types.

9)I would be able to truly REACH OUT to those who I feel deserve it. No more money woes for certain bloggers or deadbeat dad issues for would be glorious.

10) And finally, if I ruled the Blog World, I would try to use my power for good and not evil. (Maybe even if its on a 60/40 ratio)


E said...

i second everything! lol, esp. the media players and sister-girl conferences. i love golden girls. and i like this new template.

Nina said...

Thanksies!!! :-D