Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Makes me Siiing!

(Ignore the blatant vanity in this post)

I had the perfect outfit in mind as soon as they said 70 degrees in the
morning, 50 in the evening. The creation in my head was perfect on my
body. (How often does that happen?)

Demin pencil dress, with my brown suede knee boots, auburn purse, and
scarf with auburn, pink, black, and beige floral pattern.

You know you're having a good outfit day when gay men admire you and
straight women hate on you. Both happened!

This guy as I was walking to the station didn't have to say anything.
The look he gave me said it all (as well as the extra switch in his

I smiled broadly.

The hater woman was a lot funnier. The man sitting next to her on the
platform was staring at me. She locked eyes on me like a target and kept
giving me dirty looks. When the train came there was an empty 2-seater.
She saw me going for it. So, she rushes to sit on the outside of it, so
if I wanted to sit, I would have to ask her to move her big ass.

I let it go.

At the next stop the seat directly in front of her opens. I sat down and
looked dead in her face and smiled.

I smiled the entire commute to work.

Because, I'm so much prettier when I smile and I heard when you're
smiling the whole world smiles with you.

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