Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So I met a dude last Saturday. Let's just call hom Black. I totally
forgot about him because I gave him my number, but 1. Didn't expect him
to call and 2. He's totally not my type...by any means...

Anywho! Guess who I run into on my way home...Black. He was hustling
cd's. (Ick!)

He asked me to buy one. (Double ick!)

I did. (*shakes head*)

I forgot to get my change which I think he did on purpose.

But...the craziest thing about it was I forgot who he was for a second.
I thought he was one of my gay friends that I was with this weekend so
when I approached him I had the friendlest smile on my face.

I really need to stop hanging out with gay men, but to my defense, I saw
a lot of new faces this weekend.

I'm a damn fool.


E said...

lol @ hustlin cd's. i think he's a keeper :) my friend and i got into a verbal exchange with a cd/dvd/weed salesman once. she called him a potbelly and hilarity ensued.

Nina said...

Thanks for the good luck, E! But..umm...I'm so turned off by his situation. I want someone like Blair who is financially stable. Its bad, but I'm on the come-up, I want someone who's already there.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u are anot a fool if u live with your heart first, nice place u got her sister, do hit my space on the bloggospher when u can and if u like what u read, feel free to roll me, and let me know if i can add u so i ca chk back more frequently