Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wine and Dine You Girl!

So, many people have tried to holla via Facebook (and Myspace) with little to no results.

Sorry, I'm no cyber slut. (Lol)

If there's one thing I know..its that people can be anything or anyone they want to be hidden behind a nice picture of "them" and witty status messages.

So anyway...
This guy...let's call him TD. He works for a well-known black publication. He friend requests me on FB. Cool beans. I think business connect. A while after, I hit him up on FB chat. We talk about nothing. He asks for my number and asks me out for drinks. I comply. I swear. I'm thinking business. He calls me mad late (11pm) and I ask him if we can talk another day. He apologizes for calling so late.

I text(ed) him for his 45th bday (yup, 45!)


Last night, he text msgs me...
"What are you doing tonight?" (It was around 8)
I say:
"Same thing I do every night, Pinky"
(That's funny, right?)


I said:
"Its okay if you don't find my jokes funny."

He asked me again. I said,
"I'm home. It's freezing out"
(It really really was)

He wanted to take me out for drinks.

It was 10pm when he called. I'd just settled in for a nap. I needed to get up at midnight to have a friend fix my computer. I picked up when he called.

He said he was trying to see me for a drink before the year ended.

I said I didn't think I'd be available. I asked him about next week. He said..."Oh, I don't know. After I go in for a meeting on Monday, I could be anywhere after that..Detroit, Miami, LA...I have no idea what my 3 assistants have in store for me."

I said, "Well, if you want some company in Miami...I'm there!"

(Totally facetious)

He said "If you can make it to Miami, everything else is on me."

(Wait, what?)
Wait, what?

He repeated himself.


I laughed. I couldn't help it. He may have thought that I was pleased but I was actually laughing at the fact that he needed to say he has 3 assistants...and he offered me to go to Miami and have him pay for food, lodging and whatever else.

I asked him what he was doing for NYE.

He said, he'd probably be on his friend's boat partying or party hopping.

(Lightbulb: he either has grown kids/no kids and no wife...what?)

I detected an accent.
He said he was born in London, grew up in Germany and moved to NY 20 yrs ago (ya know...when he was my Let me stop)

So, I was amused by the conversation and am not really sure of his intentions...and then I read this morning and they did a top 10 list of men that are attracted to young single independent women. (I'm blogging from my berry and can't link)

One of the guys was the older guy who sees young independent women as fun. She said most of these guys are either divorced (see Dame) or never married (see the other guy, not sure of the moniker I gave him. I dated him around the spring time last year) and never want to get married, so they have fun (read:sex) with young women without the threat of wanting to settle down.

I was entertained and then I thought. Oh shit. Is that what he thinks of me?

Well, he's abt to get a wake up call! Lol

I'm not one to generalize. I hate those girls who are ex was Jamaican and he did me wrong, so I don't date Jamaicans anymore.

My experience with older men are a mixed bag. Some wanted Nina, the sex goddess (oh yea, you know you want it baby!) Some wanted Nina, the Stepford Wife (is there anything else I can get you, dear?)Some wanted Nina to act her age (I already had a father) but none knew Nina at all.

I'm trying not to judge this dude bc he could be sincere and misunderstood. I'm intrigued by his (big cahones) heritage. We'll see what comes of it. If its anything like the past few guys...nothing.

Let's give 'em something to blog about, right?
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Trish said...

Most guys his age creep me out because like you said, I have a dad. The older guys I've dealt with hoped to luck up on a naïve young girl but I gave them a rude awakening. I totally see blog stories coming about this one!

Young woman on a journey said...

i'm interested in the stories for real. lol.

however, when i read this, i thought instantly...if he has 3 assistants, he should surely have enough money to offer to pay for your transportation too right?

JaeSpenc said...

hahah @ Young Woman... I thought the same thing... 'How about some airfare my sweet?'

As far as the MUCH older men... I'm 27 and men who are 40-50 try to date me... While I'm attracted to older men, some of them come off with a 'slimy' aura...

good luck... can't wait to read more about this as it develops.

小小彬 said...