Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I got a job.

A temp job working at a health insurance company filing for 35 hrs a week until the end of March. I'm not complaining, just grumbling under my breath because I kind of had to take it but of course, didn't want to. February is a huge month for me and I need to devote my time to my business.
So, now, I work on my business on my hour lunch break and at home from 6-12. Wake up at 6:30am and go to work. Back to my sleep-deprived life.

I started last Monday and had Thursday and Friday of because of the holiday.

I visited my mom's family in South Carolina. Me and her family don't have the best of relationships and I was dreading seeing them. was actually fun. The last time they saw me, I was 13. It was my first Christmas after my dad died. It was a horrible time for me. I just wanted to be alone. My mom's family is huge. You couldn't even get peace and quiet during your shower.

Anyway, this time was different. I had no internet and spotty phone service for 4days. The bags under my eyes disappeared for a beat. Christmas was spent making pancakes with my brother. Jewells, a twitter friend, came to see me. She drove 3 hrs in the rain! To repay her, I made her flip the pancakes. :)

My brother Jr. went all gaga over her. It was hilarious. She is beautiful though. He was so embarrassing.

We opened gifts and went to my aunt's house that night. There was a bonfire, lots of food and later that night, there was fireworks.

My other brother came over with 7 of his 8 kids. Ummm, yea. They are all so beautiful and different. I told my mom he's making up for me and Jr.

It was great until on the way back, the ride was 17 hrs!!! Oh my! The last 5 hrs were the worst! Usually, it takes an hour to drive from the NJ Turnpike to my house. We get off at exit 13 and get on the Verazzano Bridge. Zip zip. We waited to get on to the exit for an hour before we realized that we were WAITING to even turn on to it!

We decided to take an alternate route. We decided to take exit 13A which let us off by Newark Airport. We drove through to try and get to the Holland Tunnel, missed the weird turn and had to turn around to get back on it. We waited in traffic and hour and a half to go 1 mile!


Mind you, I had to use the bathroom from the time we were on the turnpike.

I thought to myself, "Oh my God. Today is the day I will pee on myself."

It took a lot of prayer, begging and pleading with God to get us home without that happening.

Anyways...ya'll bear with me. Taking the job was a mistake. One from which I'm not sure how I will recover.
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Trish said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas! I hate when I make a decision and instantly know it was a bad choice. You're very quick on your feet, you'll get things resolved! Hope you have a happy and wonderful new year.