Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Celibate Girl at the Erotica Event

Tonight, Wynsters invited me to a comedic erotica fiction event. It was pretty great. (Went after a networking event I was at)

It was funny, insightful, shocking...etc.

For a slight moment, I was worried. I've been celibate since Jan 19th. Would listening to people talk about amazing sexcapades drive me off the wagon ready to hump the next sexy chocolate man that breezes my way?

Actually, I felt like such a Jesus freak. It solidified in my mind that I want to get married and lose myself in that person and do whatever it is my husband wants to do (short of other people and animals in the bedroom.) Let me tell you...I'm making up for the sexual frustration I feel in my eyelids, okay!

This lady talked of having an orgasm so deep she felt it in her heart, lungs, kidneys. I was like...dayum! I want that! She also said that she felt that people use sex bc they're searching for something spiritually. Interesting. This woman, Kenya Stephens (sp?) who has an open marriage thinks that...

Anyway, yes...on January 19th, which is a Tuesday, btw...I'm going out for drinks..

I thought, even if I have sex, I'll be having and giving a good time but I could not get naked like how I would with my husband. I'm not playing house anymore. With Afroman, I cooked, cleaned and put out. And for what? A man that would NOT marry me...not even if he knocked me up. Not after 6 years of whatever we were doing...chasing each other, I guess....

So, yea, in short...put a ring on it and I'll show you a good time, lol

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Young woman on a journey said...

i am so scared for the man on whom you'll unleash the madness. lol. he's going to be hooked from day one.