Wednesday, December 2, 2009

thoughts thoughts thoughts...

So, YW's post changed my whole train of thought just And now I'm thinking....about sex.

When I think of sex, I think of the good stuff...really. The lust between Aussie and I was palpable.So much so, that it ruined us....but the sex was phenomenal! (lol)

Sex with Blair changed my life. It was the first time that I was exhausted from having sex and I could just fall asleep. It made me realize that the marathon sessions I had with Dame and Afroman was not because I was a was because I wasn't satisfied. I loved Afroman with everything in me and I still love him a lot so I would hate for him to read that (he's always been aware of my blog...the only man I've dated to know of it) but yea... If I could merge the love I had Afroman with the animal intensity of Blair and the freakiness of Dame and Aussie...I would be pregnant. but happy. lol

I'm still very much celibate although Blair randomly calls me.It's so funny. Its like he can sense when I'm ready to pounce on something. He calls at the perfect time but I either say no or ignore the phone call because frankly, he's selfish.

When I'm ready to break this celibacy...I'm BREAKING IT with a big ole bang. (literally and hopefully...hehe)

I'm holding out for something real. That means a lover that's going to be well-endowed, knows how to steer the ship and will spend some quality time making sure that I am thoroughly pleased.

I re-read some of my old posts with Blair and Aussie. I see why those of you who read my blog love real. I remember those feelings. I don't think I could ever water down how I feel. You guys don't deserve that.

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Young woman on a journey said...

um...those blair and aussie sessions were so friggin hot. i can't even type their names into the search because it would be too much for me to think of in my fragile stage.

i'm getting to be like you, ready to pounce on anything! celibacy is killing me and i feel like the only way i can keep going is if i make out with boys in public. lol.

hopefully we both celebrate with a bang...sometime soon and worth it.

sorry i distracted you! hope it made you feel better to think of it. ;-)