Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Word!

Hello friends!

Yesterday, I met with a publicist that wants to represent me. An hour and a half later + 4 pages of things I need to do and I've got my work cut out for me. I love it, though. Some days I feel lost..I know there are things I have to do but I just don't know where to start.

I need to hire a lawyer and an intern.

I'm actually really excited to hire an intern! I need the free help! You really can't rely on friends...nope. Hopefully, its someone cool.

This weekend was interesting. Friday was sooooo cold! Omg! I just stayed in the house, watched Star Trek and fell asleep.

Saturday, another frigid day. I had to do a photo shoot and I was SO NOT PRESSED! I was upset with myself. I didn't give it 100%. I was so lethargic. My joints were achy. Drama! We'll see how it all came out...*sigh* I'll feel bad if it sucks. Everyone's entitled to an off day, I guess...I was OFF.

Gi's bf's party was that night. My throat was sore and I was so tired. I canceled on her. Chick had no heat or hot water in her apartment but made it to the party! Power of the D! Lol...

Sunday, went to church and heard a message that set my behind straight. It was about vision. How Samson had talent but no vision, so he wasted his time and connected with the wrong people and lost his annointment. I don't want that to be me.

Sunday evening, went to Twin's house...he made my New Year's Eve skirt...idk, I'm not liking it all the way....hmmmm....he made food and we kind of laid in the bed together. It was nice until he elbowed me in the face by accident which prompted me to pinch him really hard. He hit me in the throat and I kicked him. Its so easy to forget that Twin is 6"1, easily 300+ pounds and can fling me where ever...I quickly remembered. His weakness is tickling...I got him good. He was whining like a lil girl..muhahahahahaha.

I needed to be silly and laugh. It was great.
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K said...

Oh wow- things are getting good girl- congrats- looking forward to 'seeing' things progress for you...


Trish said...

I love wrestling with guys and being able to be silly with them. Sounds like you had fun, you deserved a great day!