Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thankful for the Basics

I just did an event for GEMS organization. They basically take girls who were used as sex slaves and mentor them, re-connect them with their families and teach them there are other alternatives to what they were forced into....I was promoting my products and giving hand massages. These girls were all sooooo young....like under 21, some under 18 and this one girl was so sweet. She was pregnant. She had the lightest eyes. She looked like a little angel. She cuts herself. It was breaking my heart.

Another girl talked about her mom smoking weed in front of her, wanting to party with her...saying how she's gay and doesn't want boys looking at her....was like...wow.

I'm so happy to be apart of a network of women who empower each other and I can be apart of something as powerful as that.

It made me think of my childhood. It sucked but I wasn't forced to have sex with strangers. My parents were so over-protective, all the bad stuff that happened to me...I got myself into it. For this, I'm thankful.
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Trish said...

Very sad to hear of other's lives, truly makes me thankful!

Young woman on a journey said...

it is very sobering indeed.

Kaya said...

I love that a woman as young as yourself is as conscious as you are... cry for the youth; then help show them the way.
One Love