Thursday, June 23, 2011


BFF and I watched "The Social Network" last night and I know I'm super late but it was a great movie except BFF said my personality is akin to Mark Zuckerberg. Basically, I never smile. I say things with a straight face which makes me come off like a d-bag.

I told her:
1. I don't care if my personality is akin to a brown paper bag. If I were worth 51% of a 25 BILLION dollar company, no one would care.

2. If I'm Mark Zuckerberg and she's Eduardo and she sued me for 600 million dollars, I'd hit her in the head with a hammer. Lmao.

That has nothing to do with what I'm feeling right now which is sadness.

It just hit me like a ton of bricks. I was doing well for like 2 weeks. I had my boo thing. I had a job. I had morale. Now, all 3 are gone. (More explanation to come)

I'm just like...FUCK! I know every mountain has a valley but I feel like my mountains are more like hills where I work hella hard to get to the top and it last for like 2 seconds and then I'm descending back down. I am not one to complain. In fact, no one in my circle knows how I feel. I'm just trying to suck it up.

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