Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love is not Blind

I was at BFF's house for baby shower planning.She was supposed to be home at 9pm. We called her at 9. At 9:20, we called.  She said she'd be there in 20 minutes. At 11pm, me and Toni Childs left her house because we were both pissed she wasn't home yet.

We knew where she was...with Punjabi.

Y'know...I don't care where she was. She could've been with Barack Obama but she ignored our phone calls and didn't have the courtesy to call or text letting us know she was delayed or just not coming.


I was telling Twin earlier that I wanted to set up a college fund for her kid as a baby shower gift. He said something like...."Wow, that's a commitment for someon I don't see you being friends with down the road. Get her a case of pampers and call it a day."

Many have said they don't see us being friends in a few years because they know me and half the foolishness I put up with with her...I just don't allow that to fly with mostly anyone.

I'm upset. Especially because yesterday we had dinner and she cried on and on about how much of a dick Punjabi is. She doesn't think he'll truly be there for her in the delivery room, when the baby comes. He asked her if he could do invitro with his "ex" who still lives in his house..And yet:

A. You ditch your friends for him
B. You still want to be with him

I just want to know if fireworks come out his penis. It is so simple as a text message. "Don't wait up."


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Trish said...

How inconsiderate! I agree with the others, she doesn't treat you right. You're so patient, I hope she gets her head together before the baby comes.