Thursday, June 23, 2011

Set Phasers to Stun

The summer is officially in full swing because people have lost their ever-loving minds!

Yesterday, BFF and I are walking to her car from Target. We wait for the first car at a stop sign to drive. The second car stops and so we begin walking. BFF, who is 7 months pregnant and definitely looks it and is closest to the car, and I begin walking. The car starts inching closer and closer to us. I say, "Whoa buddy. You're playing it kind of close arent you?"

He yells, "You're stupid. You don't know if I'm really going to stop or not. You're pregnant. You should be more careful."

She says, "Who is playing chicken with a pregnant woman you asshole!"

He calls her a bitch and drives off.


I'm walking home from my grandmother's nursing home. There are 3 guys across the street and I already knew they were going to say something.

The 1st said something inaudible.

The 2nd says. "Hey big girl! I love you." I roll my eyes thinking that's the end of it.

The 3rd says, "Hey big girl! I'd suck the fart our of your pussy."

I was stunned and pissed off. That is so disrespectful. Moments like that I am so glad I gave my pepper spray to my last intern. I'd pepper spray just on GP (general principle.)

I get a Facebook message as I'm about to leave my house tonight to go to see a friend perform. My middle brother apparently had a lovechild before he got married. I don't know the whole story but...I know its a doozy.

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