Friday, June 17, 2011


i came home from work after a rather disappointing day. i stopped at pathmark and bought some groceries, pink roses and sangria. i made spagghetti with ground beef, kielbasa, stewed tomatos and spinach and texas came over just as i was heating up the bread.

as he walked in, he played with my hyper dog for 5 minutes and said he was exhausted. rocky loves new people and also if you play fetch with him...he could play it for hours and hours.

"What are you feeding this guy?" he asked.

I laughed and put Rocky in my bedroom because I knew what was next..he was going to start humping his leg...smh

anyway, i went to check on the bread and when i turned around, he did like that dude with anika noni rose in for colored girls....when i turned back around he was shirtless and pantless. he only had on boxer briefs.

i said, "sir, why are you nakeed?"

he said..."I am not naked. i am waiting for you to service me."

"excuse me?"

"remember you promised me a massage."

i truly forgot.

"did you want to eat first?"

"no, later."

so, i got the lotion, he laid on my couch and i gave him a super massage...for like 30 minutes. (one instance of how dude is going to have me WORK.)

he got up and had this huge boner. we jokingly call him mandingo (he told me a story of how this (white) girl approached him online and said she wanted an african mandingo such as he. and so, from there, we both refer to him as mandingo when we talk most often. but, umm it wasn't a joke as he got! Dude is as thick as my fist and at least a good 9/10 inches.

"Put that thing away!"


"Just..please. Think about giraffes, baby elephants,"

He laughed but looked disappointed and sad. So, we ate dinner and had polite conversation. I showed him my online portfolio so he could see my work. He looked up some stuff and then all of a sudden he goes...

"Did you google me?"
"Me? Google you? Noooooo" (I did)
"Are you sure?"
"I don't think I did."
He turned the computer around and showed me his soccer profile (he plays for his college team) which I found whilst googling him.

Note to self: If your boo is a Computer Engineer and works as an IT Guy, try not to hide things from him on your PC.

We sat down to watch Law Abiding Citizen. After one kiss, he was hard again.

I shook my head.

"Why are you not responding to me?"
"I have my period."

He looked down at himself.

"You could say hello."

"Hello Little Mandingo." I poked it with my finger and laughed.
He got up and put it in my face.

I looked up at him and put it in my mouth.
It had been soooo long...but its like riding a bike, right? (lol)

I was at it for a good 45 minutes when I thought to myself..."Self, this is the part where you usually have sex because your mouth is tired. Your jaw hurts and you're really not used to such strenuous activity. He was trying to make me deep throat it but...I couldn't! I really couldn't! I've never felt my gag reflexes kick in before but I felt the food in my stomach coming up.

I felt like I was punking out.

"I'm tired."


"My mouth is tired."

"Get some lube."

I got it and gave him a hand job for another 45 minutes.



"You're ridiculous. THIS is not the time to be thinking about giraffes, baseball, monkeys, lions...this is the time to make yourself cum."

"I told you I could go for a long time."

"I know."

He leaned over and whispered sexy things in my ear about how he would slide his Mandingo in me and make me cum over and over again. The look in his eye told me he meant it and I was so sad. I wanted to do it. Sex changes things...especially for me. I don't think he realizes that.

Sex changes me in 2 ways: 1. I become uber clingy. I transform from this sexy confident woman to this little girl who is unsure of where we stand. This time, I need us to have a conversation so I can know for sure...but really, you never really know.

2. I transform from the celibate nun to a crazed nympho who wants to do it at least 2 - 3 times a week. With Aussie, if he didn't break me off at least twice per week, I'd get angry..ANGRY! The distance from his house to my house (2 hours on the train - 45 minutes by car.) kind of puts a damper on frequent nookie.

Anywhosies...he started jerking himself because I felt like I was in the gym.

"Do you have condoms?" he asked.

"No." I knew he could tell I was lying. (I'm a horrible liar that's why I practice telling the truth.) I didn't want this to be my first time with him. #1. I had my period which makes things...messy (messier) and #2. I had my period which means he couldn't go down on me and to take his giant penis, I need all the lubrication and arousal I can get.
"You're going to break me into pieces."

"Yes I am," he growled in my ear. (Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!)
He exploded all over my breasts and I laughed as I got us wash cloths and we cleaned ourselves off remembering my earlier convo with Wynsters about there not being any hanky panky whatsoever...I was so sure of it.

Later,as I was trying to write this post, I was listening to some music (a la the last post) and was just imagining how it will be next time. He's super passionate and yea...he will break me into pieces.

As I sat in bed thinking about how delicious everything was...the food, the kissing, the touching...I tweeted, "Its so hard being holy."

Indeed it is.


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *waves fan* That damn Aunt Flo sure knows when to block.

K♥E♥N♥Y♥A said...

ooooh weee gurrrl spicy!!! and yes aunt flo is a mutha some time!!!