Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This time last year, if all these things would've happened, I would be on the floor sobbing somewhere but now all I feel is gratitude.

I'm thankful God has blessed me with a skill that I can make money from when it gets thick or rather when my pockets are otherwise thin.

I don't have a fridge but I have running water.

I'm refusing to turn on my A/C because my light bill last year was RIDIC!  I have a working fan.

Sure Rocky is noone's guard dog but his little face makes me smile.

Its going to get better!

I thought about the boy today and he called just as I was! How are we gonna make it? We're both so busy! (He has 2 jobs, working on a 3rd. I have a job, a hustle and drama unfolding) He called me and he said..."I feel so bad we haven't spoken all day. I said to myself I had to call this girl." Where did he come from? We were both so tired and then after 5 minutes I had to rush him off the phone and then he wasn't available when I was available. Grrrrrrr. On Monday, we scheduled a date for Friday. How wacktastic is that? I probably wont be able to see him until next Wednesday.  I grumble but its great. Everytime we see each other its like...ohhh hello! No one is jumping into bed. Its all so civilized.

My vagina hurt after going to lamaze class with BFF on Tuesday (err-  yesterday)
The instructor was talking about the changes in the body then BLAM labor pictures...cervix, crowning, person's head and shoulders coming out of a vagina! I was like take my name off the list to volunteer for that ish, yo! I told BFF her va-jay-jay is gonna be wrinkled and misshapen after that ordeal. she concurred.

What other shenanagins have I been up to? Same ole...same ole. 

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