Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I wake up determined to focus on what God has to say to me. Surely, it has to be some type of balm to ease the stress of what I'm going through.

I go to church looking and feeling good. I know God's got my back.

I go to 9am service. At 10:30, I am walking in my door. BFF called and we decide to brunch. I change my clothes..still feeling foxy..I put on this flowy dress I got from Target, bright orange clutch, wood jewelry and my Jesus sandals from last year.

I liked my face in person but I kept photographing how I and a little tired.

(photos removed)

We brunch. We talk about the boys in our lives, childbirth, the usual. I then help BFF do some grocery shopping because she's preggo and needs all the motivation to do something productive she can get.

Later, I take Rocky for a walk in the park where he gets tired out (!!) by a Pomeranian who he desperately tries to hump.

All is well.


I get up. Shower and park my ass on my mom's couch. I stay there intermittently between walking Rocky and eating. I get a call later in the day. My mom's oldest sister's heart stopped. They were able to revive her but its not looking good.

Mom's going to stay in Charlotte until her sister's out of the woods.

As soon as I hang up with my mom, J calls. Our friend who has been in the ICU since last week has taken a turn for the worst. Doctors are looking grim. Oh and my grandma is also in the hospital.


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Trish said...

Aww Nina! I'm sorry things are going haywire right now. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. *hugs*