Sunday, May 29, 2011


My boss placed my weekly earnings on the table in front of me and that Just Got Paid song instantly sang in my mind. I raced home, walked the dog, showered, changed and rode the iron horse up to Harlem for Editor's birthday dinner. I gave this nice peachy glowy makeup look which fit her soft beige tutu and lace shirt outfit very well.

OMG!! The weather is spectacular right now! It was warm enough to be out in a leopard dress with a black flowy top over it and not catch a chill once. I had on some killer (literally...the killed me!) 5in black pumps on. We ate at a Brazilian restaurant and the perused the city for some stuff to do.

Bored ass adults are just as bad as bored ass kids.
Editor and MF (a friend of hers) smoked weed in a back corner while I do what I do best...take pictures of myself and get other people to take pics of me too. lol

We ended up at a predominantly white club called Lair in the city where and Indian dude pushed up on me and the host kept moving us out of "private" areas so...we left. I took a cab home and all was well. We had a freakin blast!

(Pics will be taken down on Friday)

A Saint Anthony shrine in Little Italy. I have no clue who Saint Anthony is but his shrine is pretty.

(photos removed)

I get home late. Wake up early and go to dance rehearsal. I go to get some ice cubes for a drink when I come home and all the food in my freezer/refrigerator has gone bad.
I had no time to clean everything out because we have a big dance to do this Sunday so...I rush out to dance rehearsal. I come home and clean everything out.

I call my mom to tell her what's up.

"Why did you call me about this? What can I do?"

"Can you give me the number to the refrigerator guy?"

She asks me about money. I get upset. We argue. I hang up on her. She calls back. I ignore her. I cry. I call BFF. I cry some more.

An hour later...she gives me the damn number! I call. He doesn't pick up.

I become numb.
I am tired of asking her to be something to be me she just can't be. I am tired of always being strong and stoic. I resolve in my mind...that nothing matters. I stop crying, clean everything and go to bed in a semi-numb stupor.

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