Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crystal Balls

Got some bad news which I will share once I stop freaking the hell out! Faced with something I don't mind likes to transport itself to random instances. It makes me laugh.

Two weeks ago, I was walking down 8th Ave towards 42nd St. A girl stopped me and said, "I feel a strong energy from you. Can I tell you what I'm getting."

Sure. I'll play.

I see that you're not quite happy in your career. You're not sure what your next moves will be and that uncertainty is making you unhappy.

Hmmm...fair enough. But isn't that the case for most people in this economic climate?

I see your love life is up in the air too. You like someone and he likes you back. He's just confused and not sure if he should like you.

My gut reaction was...Whooo the eff is she talking about?

I am harboring several crushes right now.
There's JC. Jesus Christ of course...but also a JC who lives across the country. There's GM who sings at my church. Stoudemire who is a friend who plays basketball in Brazil.  And several other small inconsequential crushes that I know will not go far and let's not forget the ex-boyfriends who still light my fire.

I wish psychics were more specific.

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