Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've been reading a lot of stuff about marriage on accident. Like...I'm reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert and I thought it would be more about her marriage than it is a nonfiction historical book about marriage, its origins and the various societal and cultural anomalies associated with marriage. I clicked on a couple of new blogs today and they were all about people's marriages.

And I keep thinking...

Hello God. Its me Nina. Do you hear me?

They say God prepares you for what He will give you well in advance. So yes, while there's no boyfriend in the horizon, I'm pretty sure that He (definitely maybe) is preparing me for marriage in my future. (How farrrrrrrr into the future...I don't know but just knowing that it is in the cards for me - like for real kinda - is awesome) I tweeted today out of the blue... "I would love to have a marriage...its the wedding that terrifies me." This is true. Part of me wants that walking down of the aisle, bridesmaids, saying vows ceremony but the other part is..hey baby! you + me + 5 of our closest friends/family and the minister on the beach and ka-blam!

Just...random musings.

So so so so much going on. I shall try and challenge myself to write every day this week!

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Diddy Bop said...

your tweet speaks to me lol. i understand where you're coming from. i never wanted a big wedding - all that planning and worrying about people - just thinking about it makes me want to elope. at the same time i want the pomp & circumstance of a ceremony. conundrum.