Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In the Moment

I forgot my mints.
Underarms. Check.
Smell good? Check
Keys. Wallet. Gloss. Mirror. Ipod.
Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.

There's a little flutter in my heart as I tap my toes to the Lenny Kravitz song. I smile. I want him to hug me. I want him to smell good and lead me by the small of my back where ever we go. I want him to say I look like how I smell like how I must taste...delicious.

I'm also praying...Lord, don't let these heels hurt my feet. Well, not too much anyway. I'm wearing my version of a casual outfit. I wish I could be a jeans and T-shirt girl...the way Chall Berry is or Gisele Bunchen. I alway feel tight and uncomfortable. Short in sneakers. Casual means these black leggings, black flowy top nipped in at the waist by a wide black belt with a sequined bow in the middle, cropped jacket, rhinestone chunky bracelet, ethnic necklace and oxford-like peep toe booties. My outfit is tight enough to reveal my curves yet loose enough where I still have a few secrets like my pouch in my belly.

It took me half the day to come up with a look that was together, almost sexy yet seems effortless.

I like this guy.

I'm trying to soften a bit. Relax my shoulders. Smile more. Let him wait on me literally and figuratively...open my doors....let him pay for stuff.

Without guilt.
Without the nagging feeling that I'm asking for too much. Its not too much.
Especially when I'm in heels.


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Monique said...

I hope you had a good time. :)