Sunday, May 15, 2011

Canine Shenanigans

So, I bought these professional strength mouse glue traps last week and they're scattered strategically around the house. Rocky (my 6 month old shih tzu) sleeps in one spot for about 20 minutes, gets up and falls asleep in another spot unless he falls into a deep sleep. In that case, he falls asleep on his back spread eagle and snores. Every morning, Rocky jumps on my bed and finds a way to step on my face/head in an effort to wake me up. Oh yea..and he does this most often between 5-6am. He thinks its a game when I kick him off the bed. He proceeds to jump on again and usually snuggles up behind me (little spoon big spoon style - he's big spoon of course) and sniffs/licks the back of my head.

Today, Rocky stepped on my face and did his little normal routine...but then when i woke up at about 9am. I noticed that he was a little weird. He had a glue trap stuck on his right leg. He acted as though it wasn't there or maybe he'd tried to no avail to get it off. Not only was the glue on his thigh, but it was on the entire right side of his body.  As much as I tried, I could not get the trap off and pulling like a mad person was only hurting him. So, I got some scissors and had to cut the thing off. He's still super sticky and I tried to wash the glue off and even tried peanut butter (the people on the internet told me it was a good idea) but he kept running away. So, his body smells like peanut butter and his right paws are still sticky. Until the glue wears off (the people on the internet told me it should be a couple of days and the glue should come off on its own) my bedroom door will be closed and I shouldnt get any morning jumps on my head. Did I mention he just got a bath last night which he fought me on....he was wet, I was wet, the bathroom floor was wet. Not pretty.

A few weeks ago, my brother asked me when I was having children. I said, "I don't need to have a child, I have a puppy." He scoffed at me. He thinks he knows but he has no idea.


Monique said...

A dog is a baby. Rocky sounds adorable. When are we going to see a picture of him?

Trish said...

Poor Rocky!! Also, I hate when people try to force others to be in relationships!