Friday, May 20, 2011


After that post yesterday and all the love I felt for my, we're not on speaking terms. I was supposed to meet mom at 6:00 and at 5:53, I was still deciding between pants or the skirt...Needless to say, I was running out of the door. I left my makeup bag with the brand new brushes, some of the clothes I was trying on and random accessories on my bed. Rocky chewed up 3 of the brushes, had my bra wrapped around his body and was chewing on a necklace when I walked through the door in my living room. So, he carried each brush, carried my bra and carried the necklace from the back of my apartment to the front and was having a grand ole time...while his toys were just laying around.

Oh hell nawl.

I was so mad at him! I picked up the brush with the worst damage in one hand and him in the other. "Look at this." He kept turning his head. I wasn't moving. He looked at it and I popped him on the nose.

Whew! If he were human, I would've beat him with my belt.


So, I'm not speaking to him for the night. My bedroom door is and will remain closeed. Usually, he's so adorable....I can't stay mad at him for long...but I'm in that time where your body rewards you for not getting knocked up and I'm extra emotional. Especially about brushes that I haven't used yet and not being allowed to rush out the house and leave my things out.

before ya'll go on and say...he's a puppy. I know he's a puppy. he's a baby. he's a child..wah wah wah...i can still be ticked off when he destroys things that I love because he's bored.


Monique said...

I look at it this way: if he were a child, we would be telling you to grab your belt and wear that butt out. LOL He has to learn just like humans do. Everyone can use a timeout.

Diddy Bop said...

i would have been so upset! when you mentioned the new brushes, i winced because i knew what was coming. i don't blame you for being mad, but i must say i love that fourth picture of him in your last post lol. it's always the cute ones.