Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Late Nights. Early Mornings.

"Tell me your scars," I said in my mind as I traced his earlobe with my fingers; my chin on his shoulder. I placed little kisses on his cheek and listened to him tell me about something...anything as he waited with me for my train to come. I felt at ease completely in the moment as I listened to his voice while watching his eyelashes flutter and the rise and fall of his Adam's Apple. I was ready. 


We knew we had to see each other today. Somehow, between his classes and work and my church obligations and interviews, it had been a week since we'd seen each other and talking every single day only increased the need to lessen the space between us.

And so today (Monday) at 9:40pm for a 10:20 movie. We saw Fast Five which was pretty good. All I focused on were the main characters (Paul, Vin, The Rock) while he focused on the cars and the women. Win - win. Especially for him because I wanted to see Jumping the Broom.

Anyways...as we're walking into our theatre, the guy is still cleaning up so we snuck into another movie which happened to be Pirates of the Caribbean which he goes..."Oh no, I want to see this!" And I go, "Really?" He says, "Wait, let me kiss you first and then I'll think about it." And before I could say anything, he plants one on me and it is goood.

We're running (me, him and my heels) from theatre to theatre like little kids sneaking peeks at the movies, making out and hugging on each other before we settled in to our seats. We watched (most) of the movie snuggled up close. I felt so comfortable.

Afterward, we were hungry so we ate pancakes at the diner across the street.

Me: I feel like we talk every day but I don't reeeeally know you, do I?
DK: For real? You serious?
Me: Yes, so I'm going to ask some questions.
DK: Ask me what you want.
Me: I'm going to ask you some juicy stuff.

And then I proceeded to ask him about his last relationship. It ended because she moved to Chicago. They still keep in touch (FB) and she has someone new. She broke his heart when she moved. That was a year and a half ago.

We talked about sex and I told him about my celibacy last year. I told him that TN and I broke up because TN played games and didn't know what he wanted. I didn't tell him the ugly dirty dirty of what happened...not sure if I will. I know I can. I told him I hadn't had sex for 6 months and he just looked at me all wide-eyed. Lol.

I told him that being a Christian and fornicating is a conflict for me so if I decide to go down that road, I am going to be super careful. He said he could respect that.

As we walked to the train station under the fog of night, he held me tight and turned to kiss me. I took my time and kissed him back really slow. Its been a long time since i've been kissed right. Since before Carter and TN...since maybe Blair.

"What are your intentions for me?"
He said, "I like you. I want to get to know you better and if after a while it seems to be working out, y'know, it becomes official."

Fair enough.

He kissed me. "You are everything. You're cute, sexy, fun, smart..."
"I know. Is this the part where you propose?"

He held me tight and said he wanted to drag me to Queens with him where he lives. I laughed. I said, "yea, drag me by my hair..."

He stayed with me til my train came.

"Come to Jamaica," he said as my train approached.

if only. 

"This has been the best night," he said as I got on the train.

I concur.


Monique said...

*munching on popcorn and sipping my wine* So what happened next?

Trish said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your date! I'm with Monique, how was the follow up??

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I like how this is beginning!! He seems cool.