Monday, June 6, 2011

Jehovah Jireh

(*means God, the Provider)

I wanted to make stir fry today but lacked the ingredients. A quick trip to the grocery store would fix that, right? I checked my balance (knee-jerk reaction to being broke all the time) and what do you know? I only have $7 in my account til Wednesday.

Upset and hungry, I prayed...God, i'm not going to get angry. I am going to trust you. I know you will not allow me to go hungry. I need money. I know you can do it...I'm on the look-out for the how part.

So, I searched old purses and looked in discarded clothing. I only came up with a dollar. Did I mention I had no money on me at all? Yea. I thought I had about $80 in my account. It turns out...I scheduled part of my phone bill to come out my account and forgot about it. If I had remembered, this weekend's spending wouldn't have been the way it was.

Anywhosies...I went through my mom's cupboards and found some rice, chicken strips and broccoli in the freezer and made a meal.

She didnt have anything in the fridge i wanted to drink but she did have iced tea mix and sugar. Done and done. Amazing.

I never go in her cupboards for anything. I figure she's in South Carolina. She's not gonna be checking for a box of rice and some chicken strips when she gets home. Anyways...I get a call from a client whose wedding I'm doing on Saturday. Her niece's prom is Wednesday. She gave her niece my number. She called. I gave her my website. She loved my work. Her and her 2 friends are getting makeup done on Wednesday.

Who doesn't love unexpected money? (And prayers being answered)