Sunday, December 10, 2006

Anger Management Issues

Friday night was a bust. I allowed my friend to bamboozle me into going by his house before we go out...WHY OH WHY WAS I A DUMB BITCH THAT DAY!??? LMAO

needless to say, we didn't go out..i ended up taking a cab...after watching my friend fall into a deep sleep- snore and all...

Woke up kind of late today. First time I could say that in a long time
and in all honesty..I woke up at 10:30. I remember when I could wake up
at 3 and go back to sleep at 10...those days are gone and so, I open
myself to adulthood very reluctantly.
Went to get my weave done cuz I need a break from my reality: short
natural hair...I want to be a different person for a while. And doing so I ate up my entire fucking day. It takes on average 3
hrs to do a why oh why did it take FIVE for mine? I'll tell
you...its because the girl fucked up the first time and let me leave
with it still fucked up and was SHOCKED when I came back requesting it
be fixed....then the girl who fixed it took 2 hrs to do what could've
taken an hr...delaying the rest of my plans...I had plans to go out at
7...I didn't leave the shop til 7:10...hoping my friend didn't
leave....SHIT! I wish I could've smacked her real good..just wanted to
say "don't look in my face bitch!"...ahhhhhhh!

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