Thursday, December 14, 2006

First, Last, Everything

My firsts, lasts and nows at the time I wrote this post.
First job: Working as a data entryist at BPCA
First screen name:SoccerSnoopy or something like thay
First funeral: My mom...I was 3
.First pet: Cindy the cat.. I hated her
First piercing: Ears!
First credit card: Citibank. Still payin on it.
First kiss: i was like 4
First enemy: started out as a friend or maybe she was an enemy from the start

Last car ride: the cad I took home early Sunday morning
Last kiss: September
Last movie watched: Can't remember
Last beverage drank: Cherry Pepsi
Last phone call: Twin#1
Last time showered: 7:30 am today
Last CD played:Kelis...Kelis was Here

Last website visited:
Single or taken: A little of both
Gender: Female
Birthday: Feb 4
Sign: Aquarius
Siblings:7 others
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark brown
Wearing: Tastefully tight denim dress, brown suede boots...suede earrings by Alicia
Drinking: Cherry Pepsi
Thinking about: AfroMan
Listening to: My coworkers...

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