Sunday, December 10, 2006

Don't tell me there's not a race prob in NYC!

Before we get to that...firstly, Saturday...started as normal Saturdays bursts into my room, asking if I'm going to work that day. I say no and try to resume my rest which has been ruined...BUT I was able to get 2 more hours..SCORE!
Wake my hair done...

*this is where the shit hits the fan*
I get there and the woman takes 4 hrs to do what takes 2 hours to accomplish. Which for fine--- IF IT COMES OUT OK! which it did not by any stretch of the imagination..Luckily, she was clever and I didn't see what the heck she was doing until I got home...which was when my temper flared. If you don't know me, which you may not know..I have a terrible temper which can leash out uncontrollably at times. I was sitting in the chair while the next woman who took equally as long to fix one patch as it did to do my whole head...while I had dinner plans...
I wanted to scream, shout, punch, pummel...ANYTHING!
Alas, I kept my composure. Met up with Twin#2...haha (twin#1 and twin#2 are not twins - they don't look like but everyone says they both look like me) She made me feel special but in a weird way. Proceeded to Pink Teacup where we sat down to eat.

Now...if you know the Pink is a tiny lil spot in the village where 2 big girls, such as ourselves take up a lot of space....after we're sitting and we're looking through the menu and our mouths were fixing to stuff ourselves with mac n cheese, smothered pork chops, sweet yams..the biz niz..the lady came over and asked us to move!!! THE NERVE! Twin#2 became really agitated because she heard the lady say, "Its ok -- one day, it'll be your turn." This of course, I totally missed because I was engrossed in one of many sidekick conversations...whomp whomp...

Anywho..we go to Manetus which the food was ok. But, I wanted to wrap my lips around some soul food.
After there, we make our way to Maracas which had us tipsy off of one drink...we're be big girls...
We laughed and talked and had a wonderful time until it was time to make our way home via yellow cab which is absolutely impossible once a pale person aka whitey (yes, i said whitey - its my blog and i can write whatever i damn well please) sidles up next to you. Which means,.....everytime we were about to get a cab, some pretty young white girl or asian came up and snatched it right from under us....whomp whomp whomp

AFTER 2 HOURS, HYPOTHERMIA AND A BRUISED RIB FROM HAVING MY HAND IN THE AIR....FINALLY GOT IN A CAB THAT MADE ME PAY A NEGRO SURCHARGE OF $10 TO GET IN THE DAMN THING... (NegroSurcharge: is that extra fee they make you pay for being stranded in the cold and black going to a negro area, i.e., my fare is usually $20 - they made me pay$30)


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