Thursday, December 7, 2006

Thursdays are for....

(title has nothing to do with

Went to MOMA with Afroman. Was a wonderful little outing. I'm not sure how I feel about modern art or art period. I liked the building and the atmosphere more than the actual that possible. A few key pieces stood out to me that I might want to try on my own...hehe...

You ever just don't like a bitch at work? I mean just don't like this little woman...sorry..don't have another breath to waste on that little heffa right now
Back to work. Phil didn't sit next to me...a little offended but I know what that's about..he's got a new honeydip....oh well...shit happens and then you step in it. Who does he sit next to and speak to all day...the bitch I hate and of course I have to hear them yucking it up all day..damn....Just hate her voice..
To make matters worse..I'm broke...brokety broke today. Grrreat!
Cold at work as usual and very annoyed..even more so...cause I need attention!!!! Sounding like a silly little girl..Ok enough for now....

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