Thursday, July 17, 2008

Match. com is looking real good + Get Your hand out my pocket + creepy and kooky

Yesterday, at around 4, I left work. I had 3 hours to go and I couldn't see it happening. I had hankering for some mashed potatos, cheese, and broccoli and that's exactly what I had - with bbq chicken. I relaxed in front of the tv and watched Ironman on bootleg dvd. It was really good. (Even with GwynPaltrow in it. She's a good actress but something about her just screams POMPUS BITCH)

I had vanilla ice cream and orange sherbert. Yumm.

Dinner was so good!! I never like my own cooking, but I have to admit, I put my whole foot in my

Several thoughts hit me, though, as I was eating alone, watching the movie alone, having dessert alone, and ultimately went to bed alone.

I don't have to spell it out, do I?

Yup, it sucks, but I'm putting on a brave face.

I looked on craigslist (the poor man's to see if I could find someone under their ltr (long term relationship) section. And ummm....

I emailed this guy:

He said:
Hi, my name is Cookoo. Do you have a full-body pic?

I obliged.

He said:
What's the point of writing me if you're not going to respond.

I resent the pic.

He said:
I have your pic already, why didn't you call already?

I said:
You never gave me your info.

He said:
Yes I did. Maybe you're hitting up too many guys at the same time.

I said:
I will forward every e-mail you sent.
I assure you I don't have your info.

He said:
Why are you playing games.

I said:
LOOK, I don't have your number and if its not in the next e-mail, don't bother e-mailing again.

Oo you know this fool e-mails me 7 times between 3:00am and 5:00am, different variations of - this is my number, when are we going to hang out, this is my number, you can't say you don't have it, why haven't you called yet.

I e-mailed him at 8am when I woke up.. It was plain and simple: Please do not contact me anymore.

He said:
Whatever, I already told you not to contact me. I forgot about you a long time ago.

I had to delete his message before I really told him something serious.


I slept well, but woke up to my roommate (another story completely) bursting through my door at 6am telling me he's sick.

I had a good 6hours, twice the norm for the past 2 weeks. I'm STILL tired.
I don't think it's me per se. I think it's this stupid job.

I detest authority and I thought it was because I don't like to be told what to do. In fact, it is because I don't like the superiority complexes "authority figures" have. I am one of 2 African-Americans in upper-management. The other is a male, and let's just say he's "assimilated". The others, besides a female Spanish lady are all Israeli Jew, South African, or Romanian. I won't say it's race. Maybe it is ageism or sexism, but to get them to hear me speak is like I have my head underwater.

I need another job. Plain and simple.

Something preferably creative, where I won't be taking a major price cut.

Thngs that make you go hmmm...

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Chris said...

It's hard enough to sell a cell phone or buy something on Craigslist...let alone find someone on there that isn't just looking to bone...good luck with that one.

E said...

ill leave 2 comments, i just had to comment right now before i read the rest: i feel the same exact way about miss paltrow. everytime i see her picture or read a quote from her i think "asshole" or in ur words, "pompous bitch" lol. glad to see we're on the same page.

E said...

ok. done reading.

first, that dude was exactly what his name implied.

im also looking for something creative, i just dont know what to look for, ya know? hopefully u wont be stuck at a job you hate for too long. u deserve something better, something more.

Young woman on a journey said...

this was absolutely hilarious. lmao. that dude is off the chain. I did a free dating site too, and when a white boy got agitated at me for not responding to messages he sent during his vacation and work hours, i was done. lol. out of control. i mean, how can people expect to find someone if they don't put their best foot forward, before they even see you?

If you are still looking, there are a couple of free sites that are better than craigslist and not as good as match. you can try and but don't worry, my friend is on match, and dudes are only on that joint to bone too. can't escape them anywhere Chris!

It is so essential to be happy at work but so hard to find out what makes you happy!

Monie said...

Whoa...dude was nuts. Did he ever send a picture?

Nina said...

Yes, I did get a pic..would it be wrong to post it?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

keep the brave face
and y u feeling bitchy

Keli said...

LMBO... this was hilarious!! Dude was indeed Cookoo. And please post the pic, I'd be awesome to match the craziness to the face!

Keli said...

LMBO... this was hilarious!! Dude was indeed Cookoo. And please post the pic, I'd be awesome to match the craziness to the face!

E said...

*cough* post the pic *cough*