Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Crotch Hurts

Friday, on my lunch break, I got a fabulous idea.

Brazilian wax.

Gi and LP looked at me crazy.

I'm gonna do it!

I walked into the spa, nervous. Virgin to this whole process. The hostess walked me into the room that looked like a doctor was about to examine me.

My heart was pounding. I began to rethink my decision. I stripped down and laid on the table. The Middle Eastern woman came in and smiled.

First time?

I nodded.

"We'll use the sugar instead of the wax. Less painful," she smiled.

She poured the sugar-lemon-honey concoction on my nether region. She patted down the strip and


I yelped. Ready to close my legs and head for the door. For the next 20 minutes, this was repeated.

I cursed myself.

Why oh why did I think this was a good idea as the solitary tear slid out of my eye and down my face.

"Look!" she smiled, proud of her work.

Smooth like a baby's bottom.

LP and Gi was at work smiling at me as if we shared a secret.

"Why'd you decide to do it?"

"If you wax it, they will come," I responded cool as cucumber....
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Liz said...

giiiiirl... i got a bikini wax before but still not brave enough for brazilian... and gueess what... underarms hurt more!!

Jane said...

ok....girl that sounds like severe pain!!! you are soooo brave!
I love "if you wax it they will come...." you're too adorable.

E said...

lol. craziness. i do plan on eventually getting waxed. this shaving nonsense is for the birds