Wednesday, July 23, 2008


If you don't already, you need to read this brother:

raw dawg buffalo

I absolutely love this post.

It reminds me about why I loved my father so, what he taught me about men, and why I love men as a whole.My dad could be called a lot of things, but he was always a provider and that is the one thing that I look for in a man above all.

You have kids? Really? How often do you see them? What do you do for them?


You are alone? Do you work? You don't work, ok, are you hustling?

Because. If I am working every are you. Even if your job is selling water on the street corner, you will be doing something. No one gets to lay up.

I just looked at my timesheet and I worked 98.5 hours within this bi-weekly pay period. If I'm a beast and I don't have children, BELIEVE that if/when I do, I will go that extra mile for them.

As much as I love Afroman, when he couldn't pull it together to find a job, and I generously gave him 3 months, I lost all respect and there was no future for us.
Leaving him was the hardest - I thought he was my soulmate, but how can that be when he's sitting on his ass and he can't even provide for me? (In the literal sense, since he was practically living in my house)

I love men. Men who are men. Men who are about their shit. Men who are smart. Men who can do for themselves. Men who can do for their family. Men who are strong mentally. Men who can stand tall in the midst of their flaws. Men who are emotionally available. Men who are spiritual. Men who are kind. Men who are respectful and aren't trying to demean or belittle.

I know my place.

(on a wild tangent...I can't stand a cold-hearted fool. I don't have time for games. I can't guess at who you are. Show me. is what it is and that's real.


Chris said...

I'm glad women are finally starting to appreciate us. For a while, I'd given up. I did all I was taught to do...and I would get played for an @$$ I was thinking about becoming one because they don't seem to have any problems. But Liz gave me I'm good now. TY though for appreciating us.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

thanks for the love sister

and u should embeed the link so folks can read the post