Monday, July 7, 2008



It is me.

The left side of my brain telling the right to doze off in the middle of that really boring meeting.

I'm in chill mode. Or at least trying to be.

This weekend was so relaxing. My friend Theo came to visit me this weekend from DC. It's interesting to be around people who are not from here. Even in the way they walk down the street. It's so...slow.

Theo and I began our adventure on Friday afternoon.

We embarked on what most call HAPPY HOUR in the village.

For it to be July 4th, it felt more like a Sunday than a national holiday or maybe national holidays feel like Sundays. I've worked every holiday for the past 4 years, I can hardly remember what it feels like.

So, we first started out at Maracas on Greenwich Ave.

24oz margarita for $7.50.

Thank you very much!

8 oz margarita, $4.

I should've stopped there.

We started toward the pier - our intention to look at the fireworks on the pier.

Theo had another idea. Stop in every bar on the way and take advantage of their happy hour.

The first bar we encountered..I would never have gone inside. It was lily lily white. There was a man on the outside who told us he flew nothing but first class on British Airways. All other arlines were shit.

We got a rum and pineapple which was really smooth and our friend Matt went to use the bathroom. He came out. His eyes were wide. The bathroom door had a huge window in it, where you can see all of someone's manly bits, if you chose to. Did I mention this was a gay bar?


So, this dude comes up to us.

"You're so beautiful. Let me get a picture," he says to me. He sounded like Austin Powers for real.

I took a pic.

"Your friends are hot. Let me get a picture."

We obliged.

"Let me get another solo pic."

We all laughed. It got a little weird when The Foreigners, "I Want to Know What Love Is" blasted through. We left.

We walked a little further.

We walked down to the Hangar. They had 2 for 1 drinks. Kamikaze's all around.


By this time, Matt was soo messed up. We wobbled down to the pier. Matt began to throw up. It was horrible. He could hardly walk. Thank goodness Theo is strong to carry his body weight.

We try take a cab to my house. The driver refuses to take us because Matt is making gurgling noises like he's about to puke. We get another cab. It takes us 20 minutes.

We finally get home. Theo takes off Matt's clothes and throws him in the shower. He's awake now. We get dressed and go to the club.

I wasn't really feeling it, but I had a good time. I was tired, dehydrated, and a little hungry.



Chris said...

That sounds like a trip, for real. The viewing window in the bathroom was ridiculous...I so don't know if I'd pee there after knowing that.

E said...

sounds like a good time until the puking hit, it was bound to happen though with all those bars, lol. and then yall went to the club? yall can hang.

Anonymous said...
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