Friday, July 18, 2008


Yes, ladies and gents, I have been a what you ask? Sudden Whore Behavior.

Sounds harsh?

Well, yes...we are often hardest on ourselves.
And yes, we've all had tendencies where we've done something we won't dish to our friends about.

...And that's why I have this blog.

That's why I'm anonymous.
And if you a. Know me and don't want to know this side of me or B. Have a virgin Mary idea of may want to stop reading now.

So, I met a guy. He was cute. He's 37, divorced, with 4 kids. Yilkes! He offered to take me back to his place. He was very complimenting of me. He said he wanted to do nasty things to me. There was a gleam in his eye and I couldn't very well say no.

That's when I had a case of SWB.

I went to his place. He slowly undressed me, starting with shirt. I stood with my back to him. He unhooked my bra. My first thought was "Weee! Boobies."

He took of my pants and thong and as bent over to take off my shoes, he spread my cheeks apart and fondled me. He told me to sit on his lap. He was rock hard.

Kiss me.

I did. It was perfect. If it were whack, I wouldve put on my clothes and headed for the door.

Lay down.

I did.

He spread my legs apart.

You know how to masturbate?

I nodded.

Show me.

I began soft and light, not sure of where he was going with it.
He licked his thick fingers and traced my strokes. He, then inserted one inside.

I moaned.

Damn you're tight. Let's see how many you can take. He inserted another. I moaned louder.

How long has it been?

I thought, "I don't know. I have to check my blog."

3 months. He said...damn, that's sad.

He kneeled before me and licked my pussy. All I could do was lean my head back and enjoy.

He got up. He said, "I'll be right..."

»»»»To be continued««««
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neemie said...

to be continued...what?! that's so not cool. how can live vicariously through you if you leave me hanging...

Monie said...

LMAO! I'm so glad I didn't read this when you wrote it. I can scroll right up and read the continuation. YES!

Jane said...

ohhhhhh you out being manish! get it girl! lol