Saturday, October 30, 2010

brown baby

i had a dream this morning that i was having a photo shoot in my homewith this beautiful brown baby boy. he had long natural hair down his back that he liked to put in his face and smile with this grin that was missing a tooth in the front. i, myself had l0ng natural hair down my back as well that was luscious and thick. i tickled his feet, his neck, his stomach trying to make him laugh but he was very serious in front of the camera. we took a break and i held him in my arms and i smiled at him and i said, terrence, i can't wait til your father gets home. the view shifted and i was a giant fly on the wall looking at myself. i was happy.

such a weird dream, especially because my hair is an inch long right now. i've never wanted a baby really and if i did, i was sure i wanted a girl. also it felt like his father's name was terrence too. who the heck is terrence?? i only know is very light-skinned and i'm sure if we had a child together, the child probably wouldn't come out to being my complexion (or it genes are weird sometimes) and the other is my cousin. i didn't feel like i know this terrence yet. the child resembled this little boy named titus i knew growing up. he was a gorgeous little boy who is now 16 years old and is a gorgeous young man...but the little boy in my dream looked like titus but like me too...with his small slanted eyes, small nose and full lips.

i could take the dream figuratively, where baby terrence is my business flourishing but when i woke up, i chose to take it literally...wondering about this man terrence who would bring me a baby terrence and a happy home where photo shoots are involved and everyone is brown and beautiful. it would make sense that in my home, photo shoots would happen, right? lol. i woke up warm and fuzzy and a little hopeful...if not for the baby then for my HAIR!!!

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