Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pursuit...

My budget is really tight. That overdraft threw me off in that I have 3 major bills coming out this week that will overdraft me again. And then when things like light and gas come out at the end of the month, I will overdraft again. Then at the beginning of the get it.

I can stop the cycle by using 1/2 of my London ticket money to pad my account. Which means $450 turned into $225 and I have to come up with $475 to buy my ticket.

I write this with tears streaming down my face. I know I can sacrifice and make it happen. I am looking for a job heavy heavy. I'm just so...disappointed. 1 mistake in managing cost me big time.

We had a conference call for the magazine today. Editor likes open forums where we talk about our faults as a group and criticize each other. That's so not my style. If something bothers me about someone, I'll pull them to the side. Also, I don't criticize myself in front of other people unless its something everyone noticed. Like...sorry I made one eye bigger than the other on that model. In many cases, to shows weakness.

Anyways...this chick says "Nina interviewed JJ and that threw me off because I had my questions ready. I know I should've said something in the moment. I'm sorry but you threw me off for the rest of the day."

Ok...JJ showed up at 8:30am. I interviewed him at 11:30. Hours after he'd been sitting around doing nothing. She was at Pathmark with Editor and had just come back when I started the interview. What kills me is...we were in the same place til 8pm. She drove me home. Yet, she waits 4 days later to tell me in a conference call. Ok.

Other critiques were made but that was the only that pissed me off.

I'm like...adjust.

I didn't lash out. I apologized. I explained my reasoning. I swallowed my whatever.

I'm gonna quit it with this superwoman act. All people ever wanted to do to Superman was watch him fold when he came in contact with Kryptonite.

On a lighter note, Willow's song is in my head...I whip my hair back and forth...hahahaha.
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omodunni said...

Who do you bank with? Hopefully chase because they have a great customer service call line.
Call your bank and tell them you made a mistake in calculation. They will probably refund some of the charges to you.
I rarely mess up, but when I do I just call Chase and they refund the fees. Give it a try, and ask to speak to a supervisor if you have issues with the rep.

Monique said...

I agree. Check with your bank on some stuff.

Hang in there Nina.