Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Highs and Lows

So, I experienced so really good stuff and some really disappointing stuff in the period of 24 hours.

First, I went to dinner with my friends. I helped them with an event last week, controlling ticket sales booth all night. I showed up at 1pm. Left at 7am. The venue kind of worked them a little bit and they ended up paying $2400 extra than they'd originally thought. I wasn't expecting payment. Last night, 1 person gave me $50. I really needed it. My account was overdrawn by charges that were 5 days late in posting to my account.

I wake up this morning, J calls me and says they did have a meager profit. They decided to split it 3 ways (the people who worked) and my cut was $500. Oh em gee. I felt like I won the lottery.

Right after, I checked my balance. My account was overdrawn $99 because my gym took out their payment early and then overdraft fees. This was after I'd put $30 in the account to cover the original overdraft.

Undeterred, I knew I wanted to use my $450 (minus tithes) to go somewhere I'd always wanted to go. It was between London or LA. I'd been talking about going for 2 years! I said London even though if I go to LA (tickets are $300 while tickets to London are $600) because in London, I'd have free lodging.

Excited, I called BFF to share in my joy. I was thinking about going in Jan/Feb - y'know start the year of right although the weather will be miserable. BFF was less than enthused because we talked about taking a trip to some place warm in February right before she starts the hard part of nursing school. She deflated my balloon in 10 seconds flat.

I was pissed. Why can't she pretend to be happy for me?

I turned to the thing that usually uplifts me...makeup. I look really good. I bought a wig last week that is really big and curly. Mom said she didn't like it and I should get it cut down because it was too big. Everyone thinks I look like Chaka Khan.

I'm leaving to go see grandma at 6 before meeting up with Wynsters to a poetry reading. I run into her. She calls me close.

I say Hi. She says.."I hate that hair. You look so crazy. Why can't you cut it down?"

I didn't answer. I just turned and walked away.

She calls me back. "Don't walk away from me like that. Where you going?"

"To see grandma"

"You've been home all day and you couldn't go earlier? Oh, btw, your face looks nice."


No one asked for you fucking opinion!
Grandma was complaining the whole visit. I started out at a 10 and now I'm at 3. Really hoping this event makes me forget the negative and dwell on the positive.

Le sigh.
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