Saturday, October 6, 2007

Back Up - She's Ovulating!

My hormones are going crazy. I was [especially] bitchy all week even though I doubt anyone noticed a difference. And today, on my way to get breakfast, I saw scores of people participating in the Breast Cancer Walk and I got choked up. I literally had to hold back the tears. Wtf?

I gained the sick weight back...cause I'm a winner!

The ball is tonight. I haven't had more than 3 hours a night. So, this should be ummm...interesting. My dresses to wear to the ball and to compete in make me feel like a pretty princess so that helps....even if I fall a sleep halfway through.

Sometimes, NYC is really just too damn much to stomach.
6am. I'm on the train to work. I look up and the guy across me is jerking off staring at me. I'm like...wait...I'm not seeing what I'm seeing, right? right! WRONG!

It was disgusting and a very traumatic way to start the day. Yuck

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