Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween was scary bad....

I spent the day cleaning up and napping intermittently. I baked some
chicken and forgot about it. I was so exhausted all day. Later that day,
I decided to go to the village and hang for a bit. BAD MOVE. Basically,
I was forced onto the wrong side of 6Ave. My friends were on the left
hand side, I was on the right....I couldn't cross over because of the
damn parade. The train station was closed. I had to end up walking all
the way down to 23rd street to meet my friends. It was a big mess! At
the end of the night I was annoyed, headachey, and my joints hurt. A
beautiful night spoiled by crowds, drunk people, and horny men. Oh and
someone let off a stink bomb on the train. Great. Sometimes, I wish I
lived in a place less populated.

Work update:
The girl that was trying to take my promotion got fired. Management grew
tired of her persistent unreasonable demands.
A dispatcher walked out on the job. Maybe I should jump ship

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