Saturday, October 13, 2007

2nd Chances?

Ladies and Gents,

Jake has some competition for my affection.

Ok, not really like anyone was jousting for my hand or anything....but, I have welcomed the return of Brother Wise.

Brief History:
Brother Wise is from Rhode Island, but lives in Hartford, where I went to college. He is not your typical guy you meet and fall in love with, rather he is the guy that makes love to your mind so well, you can't wait to see what he does with your body.
We almost slept together, but with no condom and no certainty of each other's pasts, we literally fell asleep together. Rather, I fell asleep as he watched me (!!) all night. After that, he got weird (which made me happy we didn't sleep together) and he said it was because I am the same age as his little brother (who only dates white women, go figure) and I should date him. It took me a lot to forgive him for being such an ass, find out who the true Brother Wise is, and ultimately fall for him in a way where I've ignored his calls for the past 2 months. We've been close until I realize I like him. A lot. I think we could be good together. But, part of me is skeptical because rekindling old flames, usually leaves me in a pile of ashes. Or maybe I'm just stuck on the "what can he do to my body" part. [Lawd knows, its been a while].

Present Day:
Wise called and said he was on his way from Hartford to the city and wanted to hook up. He was coming in town because an artist that he works with was having an album release party. I actually called back [eureka!] and told him sure. He could crash the Ladies Night I was having with Gi and BFF at Eugene's [thank God we were at a straight club, ;=)]. Long story short...his company took him to Jersey City where I didn't know how to give directions to Brooklyn.

I made him promise to come see me next week. Which, he said he would.

I was baffled. All I had to do was ask him to come to NYC and he said yes? Wow.

So, should I invite him to cuddle or just take him to a museum or something and wish him a good drive home?
Will he even show up?
Should I rekindle what didn't have a chance to form into a true flame or leave it as us just being friends?
Will curiousity finally kill the cat?

Stay tuned....

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