Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I've been such a mix of emotions that for me to put them in words has
been such a feat that I've decided to keep them to myself.

Lets see...what's been going on......
Friday, I felt like shit the better part of the day. I woke up hopeful
and happy but then my mood changed when I got to work. Its like that
place is poison.
To top it off Former Gay Best Friend hit me on yahoo instant msg. saying
he wants to make amends. I asked why the sudden change of heart. He said
he'd been going through it with his mom and he wanted to re-evaluate.
Because of my pissy disposition, I spoke freely. I told him I wanted to
talk to him about how I was feeling but he wasn't ready. He needs to be
willing to face the ugliness of what happened between us in order to
move on. He made it seemed like he was willing to do that. He said he
would hang out with me more and call me more.
Everything ended well when I went to BBQ's with Gi, LP, Mr.J, and T.
Once again Mr.J had me twisted off the syzurp. My eyes were crossed and
I was trying to make sense. I guess I did a good job based off
conversations since then.

I started painting my living room on Saturday. Its a wine color which is
intense and beautiful, but since my walls were stark white and I didn't
use a primer, you can see every brushstroke. So, I have 2 over it and do it again or get a darker color and
paint over it.......but my love for the color and my
stubborness....might have me starting from scratch. We'll see.....its
just really ambitious - this whole project...*sigh*
Saturday was actually a good day. I was on my wat to the grocery store
when my mom stopped me and said she was going we can go together. She
ended up paying for half of my groceries which was cool, unexpected, and
very much appreciated.

Sunday was another one of those days. I had to train my replacement but
it was like training a child. Repeating myself over and over. I was
frustrated. At the end of my shift, Gi and LP asked me to meet them at
Maracas. I happily obliged but my This-is-a-shitty-Sunday attire
wouldn't cut it. I walked down to OldNavy and bought a dress for 7
bucks! Needless to say the day turned around.

Monday blah blah blah...
I realized maybe I shouldn't stick it out at my job. My supervisor added
yet another duty, but hasn't added any much needed dollars. That place
is laced with so much paranoia, gossip, jealousy, and backstabbing. I'm
finally opening my eyes to it. For example.: I got a half-assed
promotion to another department. I now work in accounting Mondays and
Tuesdays and am in customer service the remaining 3 days. It got back to
me that the woman that sits next to me was upset that I got the position
(that no one else asked about filling) instead of her (which she did not
apply for). She's a royal pain in the ass and customer service doesn't
want to deal with her.

To be continued

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