Saturday, October 27, 2007


If you go down a few posts....I was going through some work drama. I got a half-assed promotion. They tried to take it away from
me. Monday, I was ready to quit. They kept pulling me to different
departments....frustration ensued. We had a meeting. They're trying to
give me Rick's job. Rick is primary in my department. I assist him. They
think he's been messing up and want to make me primary. I was really
conflicted about what to do because I like Rick. He's unorganized but
he's a good guy. They made it seem like they're forcing him out of the
position either way. So, I thought it would be best if I did it on my
terms. I told them my schedule requirements and such. They assured me I
would get a pay raise and get Sunday/Monday off or Fri/Sat.
I'm trying to train 3 people to help out on the weekends. They are not
progressing the way I'd like them to. I don't know if its
training style or if its the environment. I'm not sure what to do to
make it better.

The thing that pissed me off today was....
I came in today because I knew that they would need help. I prevented a
huge disaster. I told the manager. We both knew the inevitable, I have
to work on Saturdays, which means I have to work 6 days a week.
But....instead of giving me an alternate day off or some type of
anything...they're taking 4 hours from another day and making me work on
Saturday. Idk what's going to happen. My pockets aren't any fatter. My
supervisor made a comment that I was ready to go (after she picked that
time to train) that I shouldn't be in a hurry to leave. That she knows I
want to go do something social, but to make sure my trainees know what
they learned. Hunh? She's always pointing out that I want to do
something social after work...well yea and is that a crime?

I'm stressed over a job for no good reason other than I can't pay
Cablevision with a smile and a wink.

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