Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stick me in a lab and study me

Because I am the biggest loser on Earth!

Did I not learn from the whole Afroman saga that the past should stay in the past? The one that got away should stay away and not to try to rekindle anything, because I might be thinking with my vah-jay-jay.

Now, its 12midnight. I have work in 8 hrs and I'm up writing in this blog.

Brother Wise called me back tonight. We spoke for 2 hours about everything. We hung up at around 11. I called back at 11:45.

"Hi, I couldn't sleep."

*sounds like I roused him from his sleep*

"where you sleeping? I'm sorry"

"No, its ok. What's wrong?"

"I haven't called you like I should've or spoken to you in a while"

"Its ok fam. You have a life. I understand."

"No, its becaus I like you. I have deeper feelings for you and I know we're both at a point in our lives where this won't work but I had to say it."


***awkward laugh from me****

"Ok, goodnite"

*he sounds confused*

I hang up before I embarassed myself anymore.


I'm an idiot.

[Funny thing is, I tried to link posts from the Afroman saga series but, I can't find one or 2 to sum us up]

Basically, we were this .
Then this.
Then this.
Then this.
Now this.

Curiosity killed the cat. She came back and in her 8th life, became curious again.


Jenny said...

My oh my!! I have been reading every day unable to post...ARe we all going through it these days?

Nina said...
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Nina said...

Yes, I'm trying. You HAVE to find a way to post. Yours was the first blog I ever read which got me interested in blogging myself....hope all is well with you and the little one....xoxo